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[TIPS] Blackberry Playbook Charging Problems

[TIPS] Blackberry Playbook Charging Problems

May 10, 2012

Some people complains that their Blackberry Playbook won’t charge after the battery drains. Blackberry support has given some tricks before we go to claim hardware issue. here is the steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then wait 15 seconds and press the power button for 3 seconds. This is similar to removing the battery for 60 seconds on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. You can also charge the BlackBerry PlayBook for 12 hours, then try to power on by power and Vol + at the same time for about 15 seconds you should see the red LED. If it powers on connect it to the charger.
  3. If the BlackBerry PlayBook does not power on at that time, then plug in the wall charger for 2 minutes, then unplug for 2 minutes. Repeat these steps 6 to 7 times. After plugging for the last 2 minutes, instead of unplugging the tablet press the power button. If at that time it powers on leave it charging for 6-10 hours. If the BlackBerry PlayBook still will not power on at that time we can look at possibly reloading the software.



  1. Blackberry Stain /

    “If the BlackBerry PlayBook still will not power on at that time we can look at possibly reloading the software.”—(question) If the BlackBerry PlayBook will not power how is it possible to reload software?

    • patriaguides /

      that was the advise given by the blackberry support. haven’t try this step. however, when you plug your PB on your PC and the desktop software can detect it, there is a possibility 🙂

      • sommer /

        my playbook is drained,i tried to reinstall or upgrade my software, trouble is as soon as the desktop software locates the device and begins upgrade,the darn thing powers itself back off. it seems hopeless,ive tried everything. icant believe that the device doesnt forewarn that you shouldnt allow battery to drain. i went on holiday for just 7 days and it cost me my bloody playbook. bb support dont even seem to know how to handle it

        • patriaguides /

          last time i have an issue with the PB,try do the stack charge then leave the PB charge (in my case was 3 days). plug-off and leave it, the next day try to turn it on again

  2. 2 Solutions :

    Hold power button for 20 seconds then plug in power, then release power button.

    If that does not work

    Open the playbook, Remove the 2 screws on the battery connector, unplug it from battery, plug it back in, replace screws and cover. Charge playbook.

    Option 2 Works all the time unless your playbook is Really Broken.

  3. I have had same problem on my playbook. you can try this it worked on mine plug it in and the red light should come on when the light goes out unplug it for 2 seconds and then plug back in keep doing this till the battery sign comes up on screen then power on. You should then get a green led when you get that leave it to charge for a few hours hope this helps

  4. MikeS /

    Used the disconnect battery method having tried everything else. This worked immediately.

    What a stupid design…no wonder Blackberry is going down the toilet. Thanks to Mike for the simple and effective fit.

    When removing the cover, lever from the top (button side) and do not be afraid. It does come away eventually.

    Great 100% working tip :0)



    • Hi Mike,
      Tried your method (disconnecting batteries) but it was not work out.
      When i plugged in the charger back after disconnecting the batteries, this happened:
      1. RED LED blink once
      2. Followed by battery icon in the middle of the screen
      3. After the battery icon disappear, single green LED blink
      4. After a while, the PB start to boot and before its complete the booting, it just turn black (with slight light glow on the screen)
      5. Try to leave it on charger for a days and restart after that but the same things as above happened.

  5. janet armstrong /

    Charged playbook to 100% charge. Shut off wifi,then powered off. Next time I tried to turn it on, nothing. Finally after holding down on button and volume, the red light came on, followed by the blinking green. Powered it up asfter 30 mins, and it came right on,however showing o% battery. WTF?? How could it go dead in three hours to 0%? How long will I have to charge it, or will it charge?

  6. My BB is showing the same symptons as Janet Armstrong. Left it connected to power strip for a day. Comes on but battery level stays at zero. Need help resolving the issue. BB-support is non-existent.

  7. BB-playbook is showing the same sympton as Ms. Armstrong’s. Left it connected to wall outlet for a day. Powers on but battery level stays at zero. BB-support is non existent. Need help resolving the issue.

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