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Blackberry Playbook will not get Blackberry OS 10

Blackberry Playbook will not get Blackberry OS 10

Jul 3, 2013

Blackberry CEO, Torsten Heins, made an announcement several days ago during investor call that The Blackberry OS 10 will not come to Blackberry Playbook due to lack of performance issues. This news shocked the blackberry playbook owners who keep on his promise  made earlier this year when he said the Blackberry Playbook OS 10 update will come.

This unfortunate announcement was made during latest investors call showing the Q1 2014 earningsreport of the company. Blackberry latest financial report shown  a huge operating loss of almost $84 million despite its 15% revenue increase as compared to the previous quarter.

Heins added that the company now intends to focus more on its core products(clearly referring to it’s smartphone devices like the Blackberry Z10, Q10 and upcoming Q5) and to cut down expenses outside of this direction. This leaves behind the Blackberry Playbook tablet into a dying product, unable to compete with faster and updated tablets available in the market today. this is inline with what he has said earlier this year that tablet will be obsolete.


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