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[TIPS] Menampilkan Tanggal Pada Miband 2

[TIPS] Menampilkan Tanggal Pada Miband 2

Sep 3, 2016

Karena suatu hal yang diluar dugaan beberapa waktu lalu, akhirnya beberapa tulisan sempat tertunda… tapi senang rasanya sekarang bisa menulis lagi.

[OS Update] Playbook OS is updated to OS

RIM has released an update for Blackberry Playbook OS to OS The update is only around 73 MB and its no huge update from the previous version. This release provides a hotfix for those who experienced a loss of local contacts and calendars. While the fix won’t bring back what was lost, it has been implemented to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. 

This update is for the WiFi PlayBook only, as the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook updates need carrier approval. If you are not prompted yet, not to worry as sometimes it take a bit to roll out and available for download

Polaroid Style Theme with ShootnShare

Polaroid Style Theme with ShootnShare

Aug 18, 2011

Getting bored with regular display on your blackberry home screen, You may try this Polaroid Style Theme and your home screen display will be look like a random arrangement of Polaroid Photo paper.

This theme is one of the #shootnshare theme series developed with collaboration of talented Indonesian themes maker and apps developer. In this series of theme you can capture your blackberry screen and share it directly to your twitter and/or your Facebook Account.



  • Changeable Wallpaper
  • Custom Battery Meter
  • Hidden docking icons
  • Shootnshare miniapps (#shootnshare module is developed by Ibnu Maksum to complement interactivity within blackberry themes). Make sure to allow permissions upon installing


How to:

  • Change wallpaper: choose any picture you like from your memory card or a shot from your BlackBerry camera and “set as wallpaper”
  • Change Information on HomeScreen;

OS 4.6 and OS 5: go to OPTIONS-OWNER-“change owner name and information”

OS 6: go to OPTIONS-DISPLAY-MESSAGE ON LOCK SCREEN-“change owner name and information”

note: If you have not written anything on owner information prior installing this theme, a reboot might be required in order to  show this on your homescreen. or you can use a shortcut by activating other theme, change the owner info and activating this theme again

  • ShootnShare:
  1.  Just run the #ShootnShare app, either via dedicated icon on the homescreen or simply press SPACE (you have to disable the dial from screen feature or universal search)
  2. Replace the My BlackBerry Screen text with your own
  3. Click on twitter and/or facebook button to authorize the app for the first time
  4. You can add some visual effects such as grayscale, negative, sephia and retro
  5. Click Save n Share button Available for device using OS 4.6 and later except pearl series

Available for device OS 4.6. and later except Pearl Series

All pictures shown are for illustration only. visit ShootnShare . download via Blackberry Application World


Lenongers at GBK BB Themes

Lenongers at GBK BB Themes

Feb 14, 2011

Lenongers 9700

Lenongers supporting  #timnas #garudadidadaku

custom battery meter, Changeable wallpaper

Available for Bold 9700 series OS 5; Bold 9000 series os 4.6/5.0; Curve 8900 OS 4.6/5.0; 85xx series OS 4.6/5.0

Download form your BB here:

9700: OS 5.0

9000: OS 4.6    OS 5.0

8900: OS 4.6    OS 5.0

85xx: OS 4.6   OS 5.0