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[Tips] Hidden Menu in Blackberry Z10

[Tips] Hidden Menu in Blackberry Z10

Apr 9, 2013

There is a hidden menu in Blackberry Z10. This hidden menu will bring up the diagnostic screen utility on your Z10 device.

This is how to do it:

1. Open the browser and type escreen://  IMG_20130330

  1. this will bring up the diagnostic screen  IMG_20130331
  2. from your pc/or other browser open and enter the data from diagnostic screen, choose 30 days so you dont have to going back and forth to input the information everytime you open the escreenescreen
  3. Bring out the z10 virtual keyboard (by swiping two finger from the bottom of the screen to the middle area of your bb screen) and just type the “KEY”  from the step
  4. Voila the hidden Menu is opened

IMG_20130329 IMG_20130332




  1. Andrei /

    Good stuff, helps to switch the LTE connection in contries like mine (Russia)). However, I managed to get there only once.. typing but nothing happens. oh and uptime is negative (e.g. -1233456)

  2. hi,

    it doesnt work with my Z10 however I try different configuration uppercase or not for PIN, uptime with or not the “-” in front of the number and so on …

    what have you used ? did you entre the code in uppercase or not ?


  3. Satej /

    Dear Sir,
    I have a BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon USA. I’m using this phone in India on Airtel. The problem that I am facing is I am unable to use mobile network data it works only for voice and text. With wifi the data works perfectly fine. Even the BlackBerry logo appears only when on wifi.
    I read somewhere that it could be fixed in the engineering screen. Can somebody help me please.

  4. What about going to the browser and typing file://

  5. Or you can go to Settings > About
    Swipe two fingers up to reveal keyboard
    Type “escr” without the quotes
    This will bring up the Help Me! screen too.

    To activate the Diagnostic Screens, instead of using websites to generate the engineering screen unlock code, you can use a free app found in BlackBerry World called: ESX

  6. Hi,

    I followed the same steps on my Blackberry Z10 however its not reaching engineering screen. I tried generating key 100 times but no luck. Could you please help?

  7. sajid khan /

    my device shows ” unable to open”

  8. Hi,
    Its doesn’t work 100%…
    Was any other way?

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